Plastic Tablecloths

Instead of using fabric cloths, homemakers now have the option of using plastic tablecloths. While the traditional ones made of fabric are elegant and classy, there are things about the plastic tablecloths that make it a better choice. For one, the plastic ones are far easier to clean and the risk of stains is minimal. Even if there are spills, you can simply wipe them off. With fabric, getting the stain out can be very difficult. Hence, plastic tablecloths are ideal especially if you are hosting a party with kids involved such as a birthday.

They are also cheaper and thus, even if they get spoilt, you won’t be pinched so much. Besides birthdays, you can use them for picnics, outdoor gatherings, everyday use, special occasions, etc.

You can choose either oval or round plastic tablecloths and no matter what your pick is, you should make sure you have the right one.

Picking the Right Plastic Tablecloth

  • The theme is very important. You have to make sure you have everything goes together. The tablecloth is not the only thing to worry out. The other elements must also be in sync with it for your table to look perfect. Hence, make sure they match.
  • You can pick based on what you are using it for. Like every other table cloth, you can find numerous types and designs of plastic cloths like plastic lace tablecloths. There are also vinyl placemats to accentuate and complete the look. If you are wary about the different designs, you could always choose a plain one because it is versatile. Otherwise, depending on the occasion, you can choose the designs. Make sure you choose a size that best fits your table.

  • The biggest con of plastic tablecloths is that the creases are easily visible. If you fold the cloths and store them, the creases will be seen vividly. However, it is easy to remove them. A hair dryer can easily do the trick. Set it on low heat and use it on the plastic for no more than 5 minutes. If you use it for long, the plastic will melt and the tablecloth will be spoiled. Now you can place the tablecloth on your table and then with your palms, you should smooth it and even the wrinkles out. Once the plastic cools, it will lie there smoothly. In order to avoid wrinkles all together, you can roll the plastic instead of folding it.
  • Elegance is very important. You should know how to make it look great. Whether you buy expensive or cheap plastic tablecloths, unless you keep them clean, they won’t look nice. Hence you should wash or wipe them clean after every use.

Keep the color and the other elements of the table in mind when choosing plastic tablecloths and you will never go wrong with them.