The Versatility Of Vinyl Placemats

Vinyl placemats have often been associated with a well-appointed dining table but there are actually many uses for these cheap style and color splashes. In fact, you can use the placemats in every room of your house, including the bathroom. They can be utilized as accent pieces to highlight the look and ambiance of a room. Black vinyl placemats would always go well with almost any other colors. However, if you want to use a placemat but do not want its color to add to your décor, you can use clear vinyl placemats instead.

Vinyl is a very popular substitute for leather. It could be referred to as fake leather or faux leather, and is a type of plastic that is made from ethylene and chlorine. The name “vinyl” is really a derivative of the full name of the material, which is polyvinylchloride or PVC. Since it is a synthetic material, vinyl is not breathable and therefore not suited for clothing. However, because it is inexpensive and can be wiped clean easily, it is a perfect material for placemats like plastic tablecloths.

Useful Tips

Vinyl placemats come in a wide variety of colors and designs. In order to select the best placemat for your particular requirements, there are several things that you need to consider.

· The Intended Use

Placemats are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, depending on the material. Placemats that are made from bamboo or leather can be more trendy and perfect for your dining room table or as decoration accents. However, if you require your placemats to be both weather and water proof, vinyl placemats are perfect. They are waterproof and are heavy enough to withstand gusts of wind. Vinyl is also perfect for children since they are not damaged easily. Thus, if you have some around the house, kids vinyl placemats are your best option.

· The Shape Of The Placemat

The classic style of vinyl placemats are round, oval, rectangle and square. However, every shape that you can imagine is now available on the market. They come in various colors and patterns as well so if you want to customize your interior, there is virtually no limit to your selection.

· The Look You Want To Achieve

Typically, placemats are used on dining tables and kitchens to provide protection from excessive heat and to keep the table clean. However, vinyl placemats could also be used to complete the look of any table or interior. Placemats can be utilized to set the tone or ambiance in your dining room.

Are you providing a formal or a casual dinner? Alternatively, you may use placemats as a customized table runner at the center of the table or as seat protectors. No matter how you use your vinyl placemats, they will always add colors and cheer up any room in your house.

With a lot of different styles, shapes, colors and patterns available for vinyl placemats, their use is limited only by your imagination. Every time you need to protect something or require a fresh splash of color inside your home, you can count on vinyl placemats to provide the solution.